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Throughout its three decades, Ignatius Park College has worked to a development plan designed to provide current future students with the very best facilities possible.

The College is centrally located in Cranbrook within a spacious nine hectare campus featuring some of the best school facilities in North Queensland.

Students enjoy an Olympic size swimming pool, three sports ovals, indoor Basketball and Volleyball courts, well-equipped gymnasium, cricket nets and large air-conditioned Assembly Hall with excellent stage facilities.


All classrooms are well lit and have ceiling fans to keep them cool during Townsville's hot summers. Over 85% of rooms are air-conditioned.

Students are provided with comfortable desks and chairs in every room, and each senior student is provided with a locker in which to store personal effects. These lockers are secure and individually lockable.


The College has six dedicated Computer Laboratories, featuring up to date personal computers and a range of industry standard software.

These facilities are used both for formal teaching and self-guided discovery of computers and their operation.

The computer laboratories are available for student use during morning and lunch breaks, before and after school, as well as formal class use.


Ignatius Park has five well-equipped science laboratories including dedicated Physics, Chemistry and Biology laboratories and two equipped for general science teaching.

The science curriculum features extensive use of field trips and hands on learning to provide real life experience.

This is further enhanced through links which the College maintains with Townsville based research facilities, including the James Cook University, Australian Institute of Marine Science, and the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation.

Ignatius Park College library provides students and staff with:
  • A quiet and comfortable area in which to read, work and learn.
  • A variety of resources to support the leisure and learning activities of the College.
  • Professional assistance in using the Library, its equipment and resources.
  • A bank of computers supplying access to CD/DVD ROM's, databases, software, OPAC access and the internet to support the Information Technology needs of the College.
  • Age appropriate book collection, newspapers, magazines, teacher resources and student textbooks.
  • Audio-visual material such as charts, posters, CDs, DVDs and teaching equipment.
  • Equipment including CD players, televisions, overhead projectors, cameras, video recorders and scanners.
Opening Times:
  • The Library is open from 8:00 am to 3:15 pm Monday to Friday and Wednesday nights from 6:30 pm to 9:00 pm for senior students to study.
  • It is used for teacher supervised computer sessions, library lessons, small group activities and special events during school time.
  • At lunch time students use it for borrowing, reading activities, research, computer skills and playing chess. The library has rules in place that are taught to students in the first few weeks of each year. A FAQ's booklet is also available from the library, on request, at any time.

All borrowing is for two weeks. Up to six Non-fiction resources and two Fiction books may be borrowed. Books may be renewed for a further two weeks if necessary. However those with overdue items will not be allowed to borrow any item until their materials are returned.

Students will be notified of overdue material on a regular basis and encouraged to return these items promptly, or inform the library of lost items and arrange for a contribution to the item's replacement. Students are expected to return all outstanding items before the end of each term.

Mathematics Peer Tutoring

Mathematics Peer Tutoring is conducted on a volunteer basis from teachers and students from 3:10 pm - 4:15 pm in the Fiction Area of the Library each Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. A roster is produced and publicised.

Homework Programme

The use of the library resources and computers is available for students from 3:10 - 4:15 pm. Homework Programme is on every day of the week except for Thursday. During this time the Library is supervised by a teacher for student help on any homework and assignments.


The College's Edmund Rice Hall provides an excellent venue for College assemblies, functions and Drama presentations.

The air-conditioned auditorium seats 1,000 and is widely used by the community of Townsville. Other smaller air-conditioned auditoriums are regularly used by the students.


Ignatius Park College boasts an impressive art curriculum and associated facilities. The purpose designed and built art room features excellent lighting, large desks, printing presses, facilities for plaster and timber sculpture, pottery wheels and a kiln for ceramics and sculputure, and storage for student work.

Manual Arts

The College has well-equipped Construction and Engineering facilities and 2 Junior Industrial Arts workshops to cater for the practical aspects of Industrial Arts including woodwork, metalwork and plastics. There is also a Manufacturing room to cater for digital technologies including 3D modeling, CNC machining and Laser Cutting, in addition to two dedicated Graphics rooms used to train students in industry standard 2D and 3D CAD programs.


A new air-conditioned Arts block is used to teach Music and Drama. The College is proud of the achievements of its bands and has a well- developed Instrumental Programme.


Our Hospitality Department has both a fully registered commercial kitchen as well as both a teaching and demonstration kitchen for twenty students. We also count a restaurant, bar and coffee shop among the wonderful learning activities offered to our students.

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