Homeless Education for Iggy Boys

Homeless Sleep out – Ignatius Park Boys are participating in a different type of challenge, two groups of Year 10 boys will be undertaking the Homeless Sleepout as part of their Year 10 Religious Education Social Justice Unit. .  Spare a thought for the homeless in our region, and take time to reflect on how you can help as a member of the Ignatius Park Community.

The sleep out is a challenging activity as the boys do find it uncomfortable and subsequently difficult to sleep.  They arrive at school at 6pm on the night of the sleep out and then stay at school until the following afternoon.  The boys are required to go to normal classes the day after the sleep out and expected to participate in the work involved in the lesson, a hard task based on no sleep and being in the cold all night.   The boys are expected to be a little on the hungry side, as they are not given dinner and most won't eat until morning tea when we provide them with some food.  The boys will be easily identifiable school uniform will not be the attire, rather the basics of a pair of track suit pants and a t-shirt.  Ignatius Park College is proud to show the students all facets of social justice.  This is an invaluable experience for the boys and, if you do teach them, I encourage you to ask them about their experience.

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