Uniform Policy

Ignatius Park College community has worked very hard over many years to instil in its students a sense of pride and respect. The quality and presentation of a student's uniform plays a key role in instilling these values.

The College uniform must be worn by students both at school, and whilst travelling to and from school. The uniform must be worn correctly at all times.

Correct Uniform: (If at any time a student cannot wear correct uniform they must carry a note from their parents.)


The College hat is a compulsory piece of the uniform and must be in your son's possession at all times whilst at the college. The college hat must be worn at all times during both 1st and 2nd breaks.

Academic Uniform

The Academic Uniform (formal uniform) must be worn on Thursdays and days where Physical Education is not timetabled. Socks must be worn up, to and from school, and most importantly the shirt must be tucked in at all times.

Black school shoes are the only shoes to be worn with the academic uniform. (Black skate shoes and black suede shoes are not acceptable.)

Sports Uniform

Only the complete sports uniform may be worn.

  • House shirt
  • School shorts (No other shorts)
  • White sports sock which must finish above the ankle
  • A laced up running shoe. (No slip on / Skate shoes)
Winter Jumper

Only the school jumper is acceptable. (All parts of the uniform must be maintained in good order and worn in a manner that will not draw attention to themselves.)

  • Clean
  • Good condition
  • Without graffiti

No jewellery is permitted except a watch and a thin chain. A Christian religious emblem may be worn on the chain. No piercing of any type is allowed.

  1. Blade 2 is the shortest blade acceptable for ‘all over' cuts.
  2. Hairstyles which draw attention to the student will not be permitted. This includes ‘afro' hairstyles, dreadlocks, mullets, rats tails, undercuts, and shaving patterns of any form.
  3. If hair is coloured it must be a natural colour. Streaks/tips or bleached hair are not permitted.
  4. Hair must be above the eyes and collar, ponytails are not allowed.
  5. No facial hair is allowed.
  6. It is a requirement that all students' hair should be kept clean and well groomed at all times.

In the case of a breach of the above regulations, the following consequences will be observed:

  • Students returning to school after a holiday break with inappropriate hair will be sent home until the hair style/colour meets College guidelines.
  • Hair which is too short - morning tea and lunch time detention each day until the hair has grown to a suitable length. 
  • Inappropriate hair style or colour will need to be changed immediately (within 24 hours). Parents advised that students will not be allowed to return until their hair meets College guidelines. 
  • All consequences refer to the first offence. A student who is a repeat offender in this
  • area may face more severe consequences. This will be at the discretion of the Deputy Principal - Pastoral.

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