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Marilyn Parsons and Dannielle Charge are professionally qualified counsellors with extensive experience in providing a counselling service based on principles of strength and empowerment for all members of the College community. Marilyn and Dannielle support boys and their families, both individually and through support groups. Marilyn is involved in Student Protection with activities such as Cyber safety and Personal Safety programs across all year levels. Dannielle provides both personal and careers counselling. As a Career Counsellor, she assists students in exploring career options and working towards a successful transition from school. Our counsellors strive to understand, support, encourage and challenge our young men so they can lead happier lives and develop important life skills for personal success.

What is Counselling...

Counselling is a way of helping people to express themselves, deal with problems, learn new skills, and make informed decisions whilst feeling supported. It is built on an honest and caring relationship between the counsellor and the person coming to counselling. Acting as a facilitator, the counsellor helps students to understand feelings, behaviours, relationships with others, situations, choices and decisions. The Counsellor offers a safe, confidential and non-judgmental environment in which students can gain clarity on an issue, receive support, deal with difficult emotions and develop new skills.

Personal counselling includes concerns about bullying, anxiety, depression, grief and loss, relationship issues, self-esteem issues, stress and time management, anger issues, transition to new school, peer pressures and conflict, family concerns, coping strategies to name a few.

Educational counselling includes motivation, study skills/plans, time management, exam techniques, stress management, alternative educational plans and special consideration.

Careers counselling can help students develop lifelong career management skills, assess interests and abilities, explore educational and career pathways, and assist in career decision making. For detailed information about Career Counselling at Ignatius Park College, please go to the Careers Website.


The conversations you have with the counsellor are confidential which means that the counsellor will not tell other people what you have told them without permission, but there are exceptions. Counsellors cannot keep conversations confidential if there is a serious safety issue.


Whilst we want to help, sometimes we might want to suggest that you talk to another professional. For example, we may not have the expertise you need, or you might prefer to see someone away from school. If that is the case, we will help you find the right person.

Making Appointments

If you would like to make a time to speak to a counsellor, you can make an appointment in person, or by phoning the College. Alternatively you can ask a teacher or Pastoral Leader to make an appointment for you. Counselling rooms are located in the Student Services area, adjacent to the Hall.

Contact Us

Mrs Marilyn Parsons
Personal Counselling
Phone (07) 4796 0222

Mrs Dannielle Charge
Personal and Career Counselling
Phone:(07) 47960222
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