Pastoral Leader: John Fuller
Colour: Silver
Br Michael Putney (1946 - 2014)

The Putney House has been named in honour of Bishop Michael Putney. Bishop Putney is the first old boy of the Christian Brothers in Townsville to be appointed as the Catholic Bishop of Townsville.

Bishop Putney was born in Gladstone on 20 June 1946. His primary education was at St Joseph’s Convent, The Strand, and Townsville. His secondary education was at St Columban’s, Albion Heights, Brisbane and Our Lady’s Mount, Townsville.

Bishop Putney was ordained a priest in 1969 and worked in parishes in the Archdiocese of Brisbane before furthering his studies in Rome. He gained a Licentiate in Sacred Theology in 1973 and a Doctorate in Sacred Theology at the Gregorian University in Rome in 1985. Bishop Michael became an Auxiliary Bishop in Brisbane in 1995. He was also the Acting Head of School of Theology, Griffith University, in 1994 and in 2001 he was appointed as the Bishop of the Townsville Diocese.

Bishop Putney’s leadership in Townsville is a wonderful example of the role that inclusivity has in forming dynamic and vibrant communities. Bishop Putney has formed significant relationships with a wide range of people in Townsville and these relationships are a wonderful example to the Ignatius Park College community of the power that can come from relationships based on trust and mutual respect.

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