Indigenous and Multicultural Program

As a proud Catholic school in the Edmund Rice tradition, Ignatius Park College aspires to be an inclusive community which provides a holistic education which enables our students to become young men who have the skill and desire to create a better world for all.  As such, our vision for the community is one in which Indigenous and non-Indigenous students have the same opportunities to succeed, and in which the values of respect, empathy, solidarity and compassion shape our daily practices.

We aim to achieve this by celebrating our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students, their cultures, their history, land, spirituality and peoples.  Ignatius Park offers a plethora of opportunities to learn more about Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander cultures and these are offered to all students of the College through a range of settings throughout the year.

A Pride in Identity Cultural Development Program has been established and continues to build with students in each year level given the opportunity to participate. In 2016, students in Year 8, 9 and 12 attended excursions within the local area as part of the program. Year 10 students participated in the annual Indigenous Education Experience to Carnarvon Gorge, Woorabinda and Yeppoon, while the year 11 boys travelled to Cairns and Yarrabah. Students in year 7 were involved in a cultural development session at the College.

2017 will see the student population of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students continue to increase at Ignatius Park and this brings an exciting future to the College and the programs running which will only benefit as a result.  This will ensure Indigenous Education continues to flourish at the College and is something the community very much looks forward to.

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