College Senior Leaders

Thomas Harte

My name is Thomas Harte and it is an absolute honour to serve the Ignatius Park College community as College Captain for 2019.

It is the culture and relationships which are developed, not only between students but also with staff members, that also makes Ignatius Park so special. The feeling of belonging and being an ‘Iggy Boy’ is one you cannot describe to anyone who hasn’t attended The Park, but it is definitely fundamental to what makes this such a special place. In 2019 we celebrate 50 years of education, culture and brotherhood at Ignatius Park. Within these 50 years, the school has turned over 8000 boys into fine young men ready for life outside of school and in 2019 myself and the Student Leadership Team plan to continue and build upon the rich history of those who have gone before us. Ignatius Park College is truly a special place that helps turn today’s boys into the men of tomorrow.

James Oh
Vice Captain

I am so priveleged and humbled to be elected Vice Captain of Ignatius Park College for 2019.

IPC has been my home since I was in Year 8. I strongly believe that what makes Ignatius Park an amazing school is the sense of community, Brotherhood and support between all the boys and staff. My favourite time here at the College is being out with the other boys
Just being with the boys, talking at lunch and knowing we're making memories that we'll remember fo the rest of our lives in this supportive environment.

While I look forward to the future beyond the school gate, I will dearly miss my friends, teachers and the Iggy community.



Jean-Luc Denyer Lazaredes

My name Jean-Luc Denyer Lazaredes and I am a Prefect for the College in 2019.

Throughout my time at Ignatius Park College, I have been involved in Sony Camp, Basketball, Theatre Sports and Clean Up Australia Day.

Iggy has given me the most incredible journey. The unreal sense of community and Brotherhood is something you have to experience to understand. I know that everyone says it a lot, and I never used to believe it when I was in my younger grades, but now I'm in Year 12, I can finally see what it means to be an Iggy Boy and all that it means to be part of the Iggy community.

Joshua Pether

My name Joshua Pether and I am so thrilled to represent Ignatius Park College as a Prefect in 2019.

While at first glance it may seem that Ignatius Park College is predominantly sports based, after being a part of this community you learn that this is not the case. IPC does everything it can to respect all students and members of the community. It gives students full access to numerous resources, promotes equality and most importantly, the College values diversity. Whether you are just starting Year 7 or about to complete Year 12, the opportunities offered to each student are endless. In particular, this year the College has introduced Theatre Sports.

At the end of Year 12, I will miss the simple things, such as the extraordinary help we receive from our teachers and having the opportunity to take part in the Carnivals and Camps and the several other co-curricular activies.

Rueben Roberts

My name is Reuben Roberts and I am a prefect for 2019. I have been at Ignatius Park College since Year 8 and I am a proud member of the Putney House. As a Prefect, my focus Touchstone is Liberating Education. I am dedicated to my studies and hope to share my passion of learning with the younger grades at the school. I am a part of the school Water Polo and AFL team while outside of school I enjoy mountain biking, road cycling and weight training. I intend to enter the Air Force as a Pilot when I leave school to build on my passion for aviation.

Harvey Smith

My name is Harvey Smith and I have been attending Ignatius Park College for the past four years. I have been involved in the variety of co-curricular and sporting involvements that Iggy has to offer such as Cricket, Rugby Union, Athletics and Water Polo.

I am glad I have had the opportunity to be involved with this brilliant school; it challenges and supports the sudents, not only in their academics, but also spiritually, physically and socially throughout their years of being an 'Iggy boy'.

The bond of 'Brotherhood' is grown from the Year 7 boys all the way through to when they leave as Seniors in Year 12. I will certainly miss the Brotherhood that Iggy offers when I graduate.

House Captains

Bryce Kenyon – Baillie

It is my esteemed privilege to be selected as Captain of the Baillie House for 2019. I first arrived at the College in Year 8, as part of the 2015 cohort, and have never looked back. The school has provided me with a rare opportunity to develop my ability as a leader and approachable figure, by implementing an array of co-curricular activities. Some of these include the annual Production, Chess, Debating, Rugby, Brooklea, Holy Spirit, TCLC and Foreign programs. It is my earnest belief that an individual should attempt to become as involved as possible, as it truly enables them to grow a sense of community and purpose. Following my secondary schooling, it is my goal to graduate from QUT in Brisbane and thoroughly believe IPC will enable me to achieve this.

Callaway Parker – Baillie
Vice Captain

I am so thrilled to be chosen as the Vice Captain of the Baillie House for this year. I first arrived at the College in Year 8, 2015. Throughout my time at Ignatius Park, I have tried to involve myself in the many aspects of Iggy to help contribute positively to the College. I have been involved with a range of sports including Basketball and have thoroughly enjoyed working together as a team to represent my school. Iggy has seen me grow from a boy to a young man. The message of Brotherhood is so important to the College - there's always someone who has you back to help you when you are needing a hand, to celebrate the highs and to commiserate the lows with you. I will miss seeing all the familiar faces every day when I leave at the end of this year, but I know the friendships we have forged we last a lifetime.

Cooper Doyle – Carew

Becoming Captain of the Carew House after being at the College for only two short years has me absolutely lost for words. What an incredible honour and privilege.

The feeling of being an Iggy boy is indescribable. From my first day walking through the front gates up until now, each day has been a day that has taught me respect, gratitude and plenty of Maths and English skills, of course. But, what I find most important is the sense of belonging you feel at Iggy. My first day was obviously daunting, but as the days and weeks progressed, I settled with ease with the help from the comforting class mates and teachers.

You hear about the brotherhood at Ignatius Park and I can confirm it lives up to its name. To say Iggy is a great school is an understatement, they offer countless sports and academic opportunities. I personally have enjoyed being a part of Rugby League, Touch, Volleyball, Water Polo and TCLC visits during my time.

My ambitions for the future include attending University in either Brisbane or Gold Coast to study Secondary Education, where I hope to find my way back to Iggy to teach once I have completed my studies.

Caleb Donnelly - Carew
Vice Captain

I have been an Iggy Boy for five years since Year 8. What I have enjoyed the most while attending Iggy Park is the brotherhood, the sense of belonging and having a large group of friends that have your back 100% of the time, as well as the memories I have made.  Once I graduate I am looking at studying Sports Psychology at JCU whilst also training to become a Rescue Crewman.

Parth Jhamb - Nolan

My time at Ignatius Park College commenced in Year 8, and after a few days I quickly realised just how precious this time I had at Iggy was. The opportunities the 'Park' has provided me with are invaluable and like no other. Over my time here at the College, I have been a part of many co-curricular activities such as the College Cricket team, Soccer team, TCLC, the Production, assisting at the NQ Challenge Games as well as Brooklea visits. What makes Ignatius Park so special to me is, the Brotherhood formed here and the sense of belonging the school creates. This aspect of the school is irreplaceable, and is something I will definitely miss the most. After graduating, I aspire to go to university and complete a degree that I’m not only passionate about, but allows me to give back to my community. 

 Kian Dalton - Nolan
Vice Captain

Why do I call myself an Iggy boy? You could just sum it up by the fact that I have attended the College for just under four years, however, I believe it is much more. Personally, to be an Iggy boy you have to be willing to participate and give everything a crack. This statement can be brushed off lightly, but by doing so, you will miss a massive portion of what 'The Park' has to offer. My favorite sports and activities have all developed through my willingness to give it a go . As a leader of the College, I will make it my goal and ambition to continue this legacy as I believe it has shaped me into the man I am today.

Kai Goodes - Putney

I came to Ignatius Park College halfway through Year 8 and, because of the welcoming brotherhood, it wasn’t long until I really felt a part of the school.  Ever since then, I have loved every minute of my time here at Ignatius Park. I have been given so many opportunities that I wouldn’t have had access to before coming to this school. From playing in Chess tournaments, going away on Rugby League tours and the opportunity to gain work experience at the hospital, this school is truly a place for everyone.

Zachary Thomson - Putney
Vice Captain

I have attended Ignatius Park College since Year 8. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at the College and it has allowed me to have so many excellent opportunities. I have played Rugby Union for Ignatius Park since my first year at the College and it has taken me many places, including the UK. Rugby is a great passion for me and Iggy is an excellent school to play for.  After school I intend to seek employment in the Defence Force.  Ignatius Park has give me assistance in achieving this goal by providing me with the opportunity to attend Defence Work Experience.

Thomas Whiting - Reid

I am privileged to write to you as the 2019 Reid Captain.

I came to Ignatius Park College in Year 8 in 2015 and have experienced so much in my years here. I have truly grown from a boy to a man, all within a supportive school that really lives its values.

The Brotherhood throughout the College makes it such an amazing place to be a part of. You can truly feel like you have a place here and that you always have people surrounding you to help you.I have been involved in Rugby League and my fondest memory of Ignatius Park is the many bus trips to Mackay and Rockhampton.

Anthony Grech - Reid
Vice Captain

My name is Anthony Grech and I have been at Ignatius Park College for five years. I am very excited to be the Reid Vice Captain for 2019.

At Ignatius Park, no single day is the same. You can come to school expecting one thing to happen but you walk out the doors experiencing so much more. No matter who you talk to each and every one of the boys are easy to talk to providing an easy working and learning environment. Additionally, the College provides an invaluable amount of opportunities to participate and represent your school whether you are into sport, academics, social justice and theatre sports to list just a few. Also the College's wide diversity means that men from many cultural backgrounds can feel comfortable embracing their religion and culture.

I have been involved in a wide array of activities while at Iggy. My fondest memory at IPC would be representing the College at 2019 Sydney International Rowing Regatta. Not only was it an opportunity to celebrate my final year competing for the College, but it was an opportunity to represent my school nationally, which had not been done for Rowing for the last six years.

When all is said and done at the end of this year, I am going to miss the memories that I have made with the teachers and students over the past five years. The people I've connected with along the journey and the ones that have developed me to be the man I am today and will forever be in my heart.

Cain Anderson - Rice

Having been at Ignatius Park College since 2015, I have experienced all that the College has to offer. I have been involved in Rugby Union including the Under 15 and the First 15. 

I'm so glad I have had the opportunity to attend at Iggy, it is such a great school. Everyone is treated as an individual and their unique talents are explored, yet everyone is still a part of the Brotherhood. I know every day that I walk into the grounds that I'll see a Brother and have someone to help support my journey through school.

At the end of this year, I will greatly miss the teachers and the culture of Iggy Park, but I know I will walk out of the College as an Old Boy and always be a part of this amazing school for life. 

Drew Boniface - Rice
Vice Captain

My name is Drew Boniface and I am so excited to be the Rice Vice Captain in 2019.

Iggy has given me opportunities that I wouldn't have experienced at another school. I have been involved in sports such as Hockey and Cricket but also had a range of other cultural and spiritual involvements while I have been at the College for the past four years. The College offers an an amazing culture among the boys that can't be beaten but also opportunities to expand yourself as a person through the various sporting and co-curricular involvements as well as the opportunity to travel overseas for tours.

Jack Taylor - Treacy

I have been attending Ignatius Park College for five years and I wouldn’t choose any other school to be at. I have been a part of many co-curricular activities while at the college including TCLC visits, Basketball, assisting at the Challenge Games, Rugby Union and, probably the one I am most proud of playing in, the well renowned, Rugby league First XIII. I have been fortunate to meet many new people and form lasting friendships at the College. I look forward to the challenges and new experiences my last year of schooling will present.

Nathan Clohesy - Treacy
Vice Captain

 I have been at IPC since I was in Year 8 in 2015. Since that time, I have represented my school in the Water Polo and Cross Country, but also participated in the wide array of activities that the College offers.

Iggy offers an undeniable and unbreakable bond between the boys and the staff at the College, a culture that makes Ignatius Park such a great school and the main reason that I love and take pride in Ignatius Park College. The sense of 'Brotherhood' is strengthened with the activities such as camps and leave us all with a sense of belonging.

I will miss calling myself an Iggy boy when I leave at the end of this year. I have enjoyed having this journey with my friends and loved the many sporting, co-curricular experiences that I have been lucky to be involved with at the College.

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