The Blue Wall

The painted wall proudly displays the school logo and the IPC Crest with enough space in between for the recording of individual and group achievements spanning curriculum and extra curriculum achievements throughout each year.  The main message behind the Blue Wall is one of UNITY, SOLIDARITY and ACHIEVEMENT.  It is displayed proudly by the college as an acknowledgement of success and pride as well as a show of solidarity against the harmful effects of bullying.  It is hoped that this Wall will live on beyond the currents Seniors time here and be continuously filled with the many achievements of students over the years that sometimes time forgets.

The BLUE WALL is not restricted to sporting events.  It covers all aspects of the school community and its achievements.  The wall could recognise a successful  Debating Team  / Students in the Science Competion could be recognised / The IPC House Tug-O-War Champion / The IPC Chess Champion / A team that didn't necessarily win but conducted themselves in a manner befitting students of IPC.  Any of these and more can be "WALLED" throughout the year.

The first achievements to be recognised in 2011 and recorded on THE BLUE WALL were those of the First XIII Confraternity Side, the U18 NQ Rugby Union Representatives, the IPC Brain Bee State Finalist Team and the IPC Townsville Interschool Chess Champions.

Finally, the BLUE WALL didn't just appear.  It took a considerable amount of time from a few passionate people to make it all happen.  The IPC Senior body would sincerely like to thank Ms Debbie Price and Mr Brian Geaney for their artistic skill and prowess in making this wall look so impressive.  The following students were also instrumental in making this particular project a reality:  Chris Allan, Kyle Dolan, Cale Fowler, Ben Phillips, Adam Woodward, Jordan Tawhai and Brendan Whiting.  A perpetual plaque naming the above remains in place on the wall to recognise their efforts.  Well done to all concerned.  It is exciting times for the BLUE WALL in 2012 and beyond.


Standing shoulder
to shoulder
against bullying

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