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2021 Subject Selection

Welcome to the 2021 Online Subject Showcase

Each year the College runs a Subject Showcase for students and their families to explore and discuss subjects available for selection in the following year.

Due to COVID-19 gathering restrictions, we have prepared an Online Subject Showcase presenting this information to students and parents in video format as well as the Subject Information Handbook. This allows all families time to browse, process and consider their subject options from the comfort of their own home.

Parents, Carers and students are encouraged to go through the process together:

  1. Read through the Subject Information Booklet

  2. View the videos for each subject area 
  3. Download the Online Subject Preferencing document which explains the subjects that can be preferenced. 
  4. Make subject preferences online via http://www.selectmysubjects.com.au/. Students will be provided with a unique login. 
    • Year 8, 2021 and Year 9, 2022- Subject preferencing online opens at 6.00pm, Monday 24 August 2020 (closes Tuesday 25 August 2020)
    • Year 10, 2021 - Subject preferencing online opens at 6.00pm, Monday 24 August 2020 (closes Tuesday 25 August 2020)
    • Year 11, 2021 - Monday 27 July 2020 Subject preferencing online opens at 6.00pm

      The subjects and number of classes that can operate will depend upon student numbers and resourcing.
      If the College determines that we are unable to run a subject that your son has nominated, then it will be replaced by their nominated reserve subjects.
  5. For Year 11, 2021 students, they will be required to undertake a SET Plan Interview. 
    • Thursday 23 July 2020 SET Plan Interview Bookings open in Parent Lounge at 3.00pm. Book via Parent Lounge

Click the links below to download the Ignatius Park College Subject Information Booklet. 

Subject Preference Submission

Full details of all the subjects on offer can be found in the Subject Information Booklet. Subjects selections are to be completed via the www.selectmysubjects.com.au using the log in details provided by the College prior to subject selections. These are generated each year and are not the same as your school login and password. 

Set Plan Interviews

At Ignatius Park College, we ensure that students in Year 10 develop a Senior education and training plan (SET plan) in partnership with their parents. The SET plan maps out a student’s education and training plan of action to achieve their intended learning option (ILO) through the compulsory participation phase (SET Plan Interview). Students are supported to acquire the skills and knowledge to develop their SET plan and to revise it during their studies.

During the SET Plan Interview the College ensures that learning opportunities are provided in accordance with the SET plan. The SET plan is reviewed and updated as necessary and transferred to another institution, if required.

The SET Planning Interviews are booked using Parent Lounge.

Important Information

Please review the information below as it contains important dates and times.

Year 11, 2021 students:
  • Monday 20 July 2020 Online Subject Showcase available online
  • Thursday 23 July 2020 SET Plan Interview Bookings open in Parent Lounge at 3.00pm
  • Monday 27 July 2020 Subject preferencing online opens at 6.00pm
  • Tuesday 28 July 2020 Subject preferencing online closes at midnight 
  • Thursday 30 July 2020 SET Plan Interviews commence
  • Friday 7 August 2020 SET Plan Interviews completed
Years 8, 2021 and 10, 2021

During Week 3 of this term, students in Years 7 and 9 will begin the subject nomination process during their Academic Mentoring sessions. For the first few sessions, students will receive information about the subjects on offer and how to nominate their subjects online. Further information regarding this process will also be emailed to families from Week 3.

  • Monday 20 July 2020 Virtual Subject Showcase available online
  • Monday 24 August 2020 Subject preferencing online opens at 6.00pm
  • Tuesday 25 August 2020 Subject preferencing online closes at midnight 
  • Monday 14 September 2020 Students notified of allocated subjects for 2021

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