SET Plan Interviews

At Ignatius Park College, we ensure that students in Year 10 develop a Senior education and training plan (SET plan) in partnership with their parents. The SET plan maps out a student’s education and training plan of action to achieve their intended learning option (ILO) through the compulsory participation phase (SET Plan Interview). Students are supported to acquire the skills and knowledge to develop their SET plan and to revise it during their studies.

During the SET Plan Interview the College ensures that learning opportunities are provided in accordance with the SET plan. The SET plan is reviewed and updated as necessary and transferred to another institution, if required.

The SET Planning Interviews for 2019 will be booked using Parent Lounge. Please see below for important dates and guides for making bookings. This information may also be accessed online from the College Website, under Learning > Interviews > SET Plan Interviews

Important Information

SET Planning Interviews are now open for bookings and will continue until Tuesday 4 September 2019. Please review the information below as it contains important dates and times.

  • Online Bookings - will open at 8am Tuesday 30 July 2019 and close at 3pm Thursday 29 August 2019.
  • Allocated teachers – Your son has been allocated a member of staff with experience or knowledge in the subject areas or career pathway that he has nominated. Please allow 30 minutes for your interview.
  • SET Plan Forms – Students should have completed their forms and handed them into the Edmund Rice office. These forms are then passed on to your interviewing teacher. If your son has not completed and submitted his form, please encourage him to do so urgently, otherwise he will be asked to complete it during his interview time.
  • Subject Preferencing – Students have received their login details to Web Preferences for their selection of subjects. Please ensure this online subject selection process has been completed prior to your interview.
  • For assistance with Parent Lounge Logins - If you have used the Forgot Password link and are still unable to log in, please contact Parent Reception on 4796 0222 or info@ipc.qld.edu.au
  • Teacher Bookings – Only one booking per teacher can be accepted – we ask split families to organise times convenient for both parties.
  • Change of Subjects – Please note that changes to subjects can be made at the SET Plan Interview. Subject changes prior to this date will not be accepted.

If you require further information and assistance with making bookings via Parent Lounge, please follow the link below.  

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