A Catholic Secondary College for Boys in the Edmund Rice Tradition

Ignatius Park College is proudly dedicated to boys: their spiritual, academic, social and physical growth as they approach maturity. As Townsville's only boys' school, we are uniquely placed to cater for their specific needs.

The College's challenging academic programmes revolve around a recognition that boys think and learn differently from girls. Our routines and curriculum are therefore carefully structured to allow maximum personal growth within an environment tailored specifically to cater for boys' academic, physical and emotional development.

We provide a balanced and holistic education within the Edmund Rice network, building on the Christian Brothers' proud tradition of educating young men as leaders of the community, with a strong focus on faith education and Christian living.

We believe that Ignatius Park College students - the boys of today - have a vital role to play as outstanding young men of the future, with highly developed skills in leadership, critical thinking, creativity and emotional intelligence.

IGNATIUS PARK COLLEGE Redefining the Education of Young Men  Ignatius Park College,
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Ignatius Park College will welcome the community to the College Open Day on Monday April 2
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