School Fees

School Fees

  • 2020 Tuition Fees Years 7 - 12 $6,190.00 (+$240.00 optional levies) per annum

Sibling discounts:

  • 1st child:   Full Tuition Fees apply
  • 2nd child:  15% discount
  • 3rd child:   50% discount
  • 4th and subsequent children: 80% discount

Parent fee accounts are emailed to parents/carers and available via Parent Lounge (https://tassweb.ipc.qld.edu.au/parentlounge ). Payment is accepted online via Parent Lounge or through the College Office. 

Fee accounts are raised on a ‘per term’ basis. All fee accounts are to be paid by the specified ‘date due’ appearing on fee statements unless alternative arrangements have been approved in writing by the College. Please note the College welcomes payment of accounts on a periodic basis, eg. fortnightly, monthly etc, and is usually more than willing to enter into a payment arrangement with parents/care givers. 

Please see College Fees Policy available to download below.

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