Faith Life

Liturgies and Retreats

Students are regularly exposed to whole-school, class and small group liturgies and Masses, Christian meditations and retreats. They are encouraged to contribute to the development of the experiences with the Liturgies and Retreats Officer.

 Liberating Education/EREBB

Students at Ignatius Park College are invited to connect with others experiencing an Edmund Rice Education globally. There are House based activities, immersion experiences and regular connections between IPC and other ER schools and ministries. The Liberating Education Officer can help individuals and groups make meaningful connections.

 Faith in Action

All students are invited to (and rewarded when they) complete 40 hours of community service opportunities. The Faith in Action Officer coordinates visits to aged care facilities, drop in centres, local primary schools, and sustainability activities within and external to the school. Students are also encouraged to contribute money and goods to one charitable cause per term.

Standing shoulder
to shoulder
against bullying

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Edmund Rice Education

Inclusive Community,
Liberating Education, Justice and
Solidarity and Gospel Spirituality.

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