Social Justice

Edmund Rice’s educational values came to us in stories about school practices and in the recording of the lives of the early Brothers.

While Edmund had a concern to provide the poor with schools, he also wished to offer an education that affirmed and integrated Faith within a system of schools at the service of the Church mission. His emphasis on right relationships was not just exercising good pastoral care but was also showing reverence to the presence of God in all people.

The clear direction of social justice for all and of service to others within and outside the College Community presents a particular challenge to our Schools and to Ignatius Park. There have been growing efforts to transmit our Edmund Rice Ethos to the wider College community.

Many students and staff are involved in the newly formed Social Justice Group, the College St Vincent de Paul Society, Edmund Rice breakfasts, Edmund Rice Camps, the Blood Bank Appeal, experience and Service Learning activities. Each House adopts a particular outreach activity while the College as a whole assists many Local, National and International Charitable Organisations.

Students also have the opportunity to participate in visits to the Townsville Community Learning Centre, to work with other students from underprivileged backgrounds.

Standing shoulder
to shoulder
against bullying

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Edmund Rice Education

Inclusive Community,
Liberating Education, Justice and
Solidarity and Gospel Spirituality.

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