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Holistic Education

Holistic Education

Ignatius Park College provides a holistic education to its students. The College seeks to teach the whole person, addressing the emotional, physical, social, religious and academic needs of our students in an integrated learning format. 

Ignatius Park College is dedicated to helping develop boys into men of integrity, pride and commitment, with a lifelong love of learning. 

As an Edmund Rice school, the College operates under a Charter which comprises of four Touchstones that give ideals authentically linked with the Charism of Blessed Edmund Rice and which underpin the ministry in the schools and educational endeavours in Church mission. The Touchstones of the Charter are: Inclusive Community, Liberating Education, Justice and Solidarity and Gospel Spirituality. These Touchstones are lived daily in every Edmund Rice school. 

Ignatius Park College espouses a specific approach to pastoral care and behaviour development based on Restorative Practices philosophy. This philosophy, which is in keeping with the College's Ricean approach to education, serves to provide Ignatius Park College students with the opportunity to develop self-discipline and positive behaviours in a caring, supportive environment. It holds students at its centre and acts as a mechanism through which individuals can successfully obtain a holistic education. Through planned strategies and informal experiences, the Ignatius Park College pastoral care infrastructure enables students to feel safe, supported, and most of all, motivated towards achieving their goals.

Our College offers many opportunities for students to find their passions - whether that be on the sporting field, playing an instrument, on stage or behind a camera. With a wide variety of co-curricular activities available, students can develop and hone their interests. Co-curricular activities teach persistence, problem-solving, communication and collaboration.

Ignatius Park College offers camps and outdoor education experiences throughout various levels. Outdoor education provides opportunities to develop positive relationships with the environment, others and ourselves through interaction with the natural world. These relationships are essential for the wellbeing and sustainability of individuals, society and our environment. Outdoor education engages students in practical and active learning experiences in natural environments and settings typically beyond the school classroom.

Within the word ‘brother’ is ‘other’. At Ignatius Park College, the concept of Brotherhood not only encompasses the students but is also extended to the wider community with service learning. Students learn educational standards through tackling real-life problems in their community. Service-learning provides meaningful community service experiences and engagements to students and is a core part of life at school at Ignatius Park College. Providing students with the ability to think globally and act locally, service-learning has a positive impact on the growth and development of the whole person. At Iggy Park, the school aims to use service-learning to help develop responsible young men with a highly developed sense of social justice. 


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Acknowledgement of Country Acknowledgement of Country

Acknowledgement of Country Acknowledgement of Country

The Ignatius Park College Community would like to humbly acknowledge the Wulgurukaba peoples on whose land our College is located, as well as the Bindal peoples on whose land many of us live and travel across daily. We respectfully thank the elders of this traditional land both past and present for guiding us through the journey of time to where we are today.