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Pastoral Leader: Mr Matthew Groves
Colour: Green
Edmund Rice - Founder of the Christian Brothers (1762 - 1844)

A history of Edmund Rice can be found at the beginning of the diary.

The Founder of the Congregation of Christian Brothers, Edmund Rice, was born on June 1, 1762, the fourth of seven sons, on a tiny farm near Callan, Ireland.

He saw that the underprivileged were being deprived of a worthwhile education and so, after eight years of painful indecision, Edmund opened his first school in converted stables in New Street, Waterford, 1802.

Today, spread throughout the world are followers of Edmund Rice endeavouring to fulfill the motto, "To do and to teach." In recent years a new Chapel of the Blessed Sacrament was erected at Waterford to house the remains of this revered founder. The Christian Brothers, their co-workers and their students the world over are praying fervently that their founder will soon be declared a saint by the Church.

The Rice House of today lives by their motto of Have a Dig to remind students that we don't have to be the best - we just have to try our best!


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Acknowledgement of Country Acknowledgement of Country

Acknowledgement of Country Acknowledgement of Country

The Ignatius Park College Community would like to humbly acknowledge the Wulgurukaba peoples on whose land our College is located, as well as the Bindal peoples on whose land many of us live and travel across daily. We respectfully thank the elders of this traditional land both past and present for guiding us through the journey of time to where we are today.