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Year 12 Final Liturgy 2022

Year 12 Final Liturgy 2022

Year 12 Final Liturgy 2022

25th November 2022

Last Friday, we farewelled our Year 12's at the Final Liturgy. The Liturgy is a wonderful celebration of our senior students and the deep sense of Brotherhood they have for each other. The Liturgy through word, poetry, and music allowed them to reflect on their cherished memories and experiences that they have encountered over the past six years at the Park and how that has made them truly Iggy Men.  

Mr Clarke reminded the Year 12 students and their parents that:

"Their time at Iggy Park began as young boys, and they leave here as fine young men. I hope you leave this College with a solid moral compass, you respect women and never forget where you are coming from. I am so proud of you, and I hope you continue to be gentlemen who make a positive difference in the world. 

Please remember that: Being Male Is a matter of birth, Being a Man Is a matter of age, and Being a Gentleman Is a matter of choice. Year 12, go forth in your journey being Gentleman, with Jesus by your side. Gentlemen, you have completed your education here at Iggy Park, an education grounded on the values of Jesus Christ, informed by the charism of Blessed Edmund Rice. I encourage you to use the lessons learnt, and values witnessed to serve as a very sound platform to launch yourselves into your future. While we know Iggy Park has been essential to your life journey, it is now your time to create your own destiny.

But, as your travel along the path less travelled, remind yourself frequently of the following:

  • Always keep the values you have acquired from Iggy Park in your heart
  • Always allow Jesus to be a companion along your journey
  • Always remain faithful to your beliefs
  • Always maintain the relationships you have formed at the College
  • Do not be afraid to travel the path less travelled, be confident, resilient, and brave.

It has been an honour to watch you grow into the young gentlemen before me today. As a College:

We will miss you. We will miss the banter; We will miss the interactions; we will miss the stories and successes of your life journey. Remember to keep in contact. 

We will miss your friendship.

But now it is time to go forth, Class of 2022, with pride and the acknowledgment that you are sons of Ignatius Park College."

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Acknowledgement of Country Acknowledgement of Country

Acknowledgement of Country Acknowledgement of Country

The Ignatius Park College Community would like to humbly acknowledge the Wulgurukaba peoples on whose land our College is located, as well as the Bindal peoples on whose land many of us live and travel across daily. We respectfully thank the elders of this traditional land both past and present for guiding us through the journey of time to where we are today.