Young Warriors Year 7 Father Son Camp

7th June 2019

Tonight, Year 7 students and their fathers or significant adult, will gather to attend the Young Warriors Father Son Overnight Camping experience at Ignatius Park College.

The boys and their fathers will work with expert, Dr Arne Rubinstein and the team at the Rites of Passage Institute in a program that helps support the journey of a boy as he moves to becoming a young man.

The founder of the program, Dr Arne Rubinstein is the author of book, The Making of Men and has been nominated for Australian of the year. He has given TED Talks and spoken on national radio. An insightful and dynamic guest speaker, Dr Rubinstein has created a modern and contemporary approach to transitioning through life’s stages. The program is designed to help students identify the need to balance their academic life with the mastery of skills such as resilience, improving well-being and reducing risk taking behaviour.

Over 25 years ago, Dr Rubinstein was working as a GP and an emergency room doctor and noticed a disturbing pattern in his young patients. He found that the teenagers were really struggling and engaging in self destructive and risk taking behaviours. From there, Dr Rubinstein researched how other cultures dealt with the important rites of passage to develop his now highly regarded program.

The camp ‘s basis is to strengthen and develop a positive connection with fathers by spending quality time with their fathers or a strong adult mentor without the normal distractions and stresses of day-to-day life.

During the overnight camp, fathers and sons will enjoy fun and adventure whilst also participating in specially designed activities created by the Rites of Passage Institute.

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